Interview: The Desert Sea

The Desert Sea are a hidden pearl of the Sydney scene. The

well-oiled three piece generate some heavy rock hits that have

plagued my mind and Spotify search since seeing them live

nearly a year ago today. A band comprised of three personable

and amusing blokes;

Andy ‘Westy’ West , the reserved bass player whose big smile

is decorated by a great beard leading him to be the

unanimously decided looks of the band.

Justin ‘the old man’ Leef, a drummer from a heritage line of

mystic musicians, whose talents have been used by many

Aussie acts and the holder of a pocketful of connections,

And Ashton Tremain, the charming front man who builds songs

as well as he does houses in the northern Sydney beaches.

As eager as I was to meet the band with a small but sure library

of songs, I was equally excited to learn all I could. Ashton told

tale of the bands rather unexpected origins “originally I had a