Progressive professionals, Between the Buried and Me, will be performing a titanic two-hour long set on the 27th of February here in Sydney's own Factory Theatre. Despite being seemingly fed up with my jokes (as I asked them what exactly was between the buried and themselves?) The band claims not to be tired and I’m placing my buried bets that this show will be insane!

Since their self titled 2002 debut, BTBAM have been putting out solid releases consistently with new material every 1-2 years taking their music to new level “as a musician,” BTBAM reveal “that's one of the most liberating things about being in this band is that we're not scared to try new things”.

Now blessed and bestowed with three live and nine studio albums the Buried declare…“we're not getting tired. That's honestly what keeps me going is the idea of not knowing what the future's going to hold. When we sit down to write a record, we never know what the outcome is going to be. We don't plan ahead of time where we are going to go stylistically or, or what direction…”

In that case the bands 2012 releases, The Parallax II: Future sequence was a phenomenally ambitious accident. The 72-minute metal experience and is widely considered to be the peak of the band's career, even ranking in as the #8 best album of the decade according to Loudwire list. Though Prog is all about pushing forward and the band seemingly feel the same. “I mean it's amazing stuff that is never something you expect to have, a site that a lot of people go to and respected journalists work for ...individually we all kind of grow and change as we get older. And yeah, I love it.