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WHERE THE DEVIL! who the devil?

Where The Devil forged in the untimely flames of 2020, from five Newcastle talents each with capable skills and experience.

Started by Zombonimo guitarist, Kim Abbott who sought a darker route. The Penta-piece acquired their vocalist, Ben Pennifold after a couple of Jam sessions and an audition Pennifold rates as “garbage.”

In an environment such as this year, (with floods, fires and flus) it seems the perfect time for such devious devils to dominate. Despite Ben’s self-review, the band has proven to be far from garbage if their first single is anything to go by.

WTD’s debut single, Beast came to me as all good things do, through targeted Facebook ads. As it’s my job to fearlessly click links, I managed myself for mediocrity, I wasn’t prepared.

Beast is a beast. And one of the Best metal tracks I’ve heard this year. The mature musicians’ magic shines through layers of youthful angst and an unlikely smooth groove which goes down as good as any Milkshake.

Tragically, the bands' stage debut was cancelled due to COVID. Fortunately, I think this allows for the pot to boil and if the band maintains an enthusiastic presence could build anticipation in

preparation for their first show.

“we’re all really hungry, we’ve all been in bands before, it's certainly been a while for me personally since I was on stage,” says Guitarist Ben Hosking, but like the audience, he’s keen to get back out to the scene.

Hosking credits maturity and communication to a smooth start in the band, the lack of which he blames for the failure of many youthful and ego-driven acts and which he hopes to maintain and take across the local scene “the original goal for myself was pretty humble, I just wanted to make some music and it’s kind of grown from there. We’re now pretty hungry to play with as many people as possible support some bigger bands, maybe get some east coast tours.”

Ben denies having a dark anger driving him “I was probably an angry youth but didn’t really have anything to be angry about personally it’s just a love of metal” Despite being told he’d grow out of metal with age, Beast proves the combination of passion and talent can have an unmatched ability.

Beast is out and available for streaming on Spotify and Apple music





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