Polished; The Importance of Production in Metal with Blake from Teeth

Recently, the production process of music has been riddling my thoughts as if seemingly unrecognized up until this point. Production is such a vital element to a song that can ultimately decide your opinion, perhaps even more so than the musicianship or the songwriting itself, of a track. As we draw the blinds on another decade, many may reflect, even if only in thoughts passing, on the swift progression technology has taken in recent years. This achievement de la tech has had an effect on music that is impossible to ignore.

But who cares about 808s?

AI-generated house beats?

Or autotune?

This is metal Sydney metal, right? A genre as old as Ozzy Osbourne’s first pair of sunglasses. A movement, true and respected by all who follow it faithfully back to the days when the first chord of Helter Skelter sparked the fuse of parents everywhere.